Grammar is an essential part of english. It has not to be boring... look at our resources and check them out!


 1) This webside shows the basic grammar verb tenses form. We can learn and practise at the same time! Go in on these grammar trips!  

- Am, Are, Is:
- Have got, has got:
- Present Simple:
- Present Continuous:
- Can:
- There is, There are:
- Question Words:

2) Here you have a webside that teaches you the verb tenses form, and moreover you can practise with the exercises that appear below each explanation. This section is written to kids that are introduced in a more complex lessons about verbs like 'going to' form in primary school. Let's practise now! :)

- Links to do more EXERCISES! :)

·         Click on each unit to do more exercises.

·         Click on each section you are interested in.  (In spanish version of that webside you will see  after some explanation that there are exercises to practise, if you want the english one you are free to click on "Elementary" at side where it appears only the exercises).

- Links about theory or irregular verbs, check it out!

·         Theory.

·         Irregular verbs list.

- Check out this amazing channel on Youtube to learn more about Grammar!

You have to click on "KidsOnlineEnglish" below the video to access to watch the videos!
Let's see! :)